Jade Harrell
Class Reject

GRITS have launched their new label, Revolutionary Art, with hopes to bring quality music to the mainstream.

First artist (aside from GRITS themselves) to drop an album from the label is Jade Harrell who presents Class Reject. This 20-year old wrote most of her songs from her debut album as a teen and the album is semi-autobiographical. If you are looking for an album with deep revelations or scriptures for every song, this is perhaps not the album for you. She aims for the younger generation and the generation of folks who love to dance and dig the electronica/pop/urban stylings of various artists today.

CD  Harrell speaks of not conforming to the world's standards on the rock-tinged uptempo jam, "Unseen". Ayeisha Woods makes a guest appearance on the catchy and inspirational song, "Who You Are". Each lady talks about growing into a woman that is comfortable being herself.

If you love to dance and you dig the techno/pop songs, then lend your ear and your dancing shoes to songs like, "Into The Music" featuring Bonafide (of GRITS) and lead single, "Me and My Radio".

Just when Harrell might have been looked at as simply a techno artist, she flips the script and reaches back to the 60's to serve as inspiration for "Don't Leave". Retro Supremes/Martha and the Vandelles would be a good way to describe this one. Although the song could fit as a mainstream song, she expresses that she would be messed up if Jesus ever left her.

"Rain" is a cool and encouraging mid-tempo number that is a great summer anthem. Labelmate Stefan the Scientist adds the dance hall touch and he brings just enough.

Speaking of summer anthems, Harrell journeys into some dangerous territory in the realm of remaking a popular 70's song with a cover of the Doobie Brothers smash, "What A Fool Believes". It's actually a good cover and doesn't disrespect the original!

Things get introspective with the infectious urban ballad, "Broken", a song about a time of being depressed desperately crying out to God. "King of My Heart" is a beautiful worship song that should be played on CCM stations and would take the stations by storm if given a chance. This is one of the most beautiful songs to be released this year.

Nice debut by Jade Harrell. With a nice mix of retro cuts, ballads, and techno, this newcomer has so much potential and this is only the start. Radio, take note!

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Production: Various
album release date: June, 2009
Revolutionary Art

— review by Dwayne Lacy

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