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James "Kelly Fox!" Davis and a Bunch of Friends
The Best Gift

Spirited and exuberant, this fine live-recorded collection from James Davis satisfies on every level.

Inspired by the unforgettable Kirk Franklin Christmas project, The Best Gift features CD 12 tracks (9 original songs) and mixes up a storm of a celebration, bringing in guest vocalists such as Tanya Blount and Derick Speight as well as saxophone maestro Rob Maletick.

Davis brings it all together, making the entire album an enjoyable experience.

A high point includes the classic rendition of "Go Tell it On the Mountain" (from Pastor E. Laverne Gaither).

Look for songs such as "What Is Christmas", "He Was Born", "Celebrate", "Silver and Go!-old" and the contemporary, anthemic "HISstory" to make it to your Christmas playlist. (Check out the audio clips below!)

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  • "Celebrate" -- Click To Listen

  • "He Was Born" -- Click To Listen

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Production: Various
album release date: Dec, 2010
Be Natural

— reviewed by Stan North

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