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Pastor Jasper Williams

What better way to commemorate 60 years of ministry than to record an album to celebrate the goodness of God! Get ready for a musical experience that has potential to generate instant classics to be sung by choirs across America.

CD  Known for his powerful and prolific sermons and the ability to draw people from around the world to their feet, Pastor Jasper Williams delivers that same power through this Live CD and DVD combo.

Recorded live at Salem Bible Church in Atlanta and backed by the Salem Bible Church Mass Choir together with six background singers, this Landmark project features fantastic production by Derrick Stevenson and soul-stirring songs written by Kelvin Manson, Oscar Williams, Malcolm J. Williams, and Derrick Starks just to name a few.

Pastor Williams takes not only the lead on the main tracks, but also arranges the majority of them. In a family affair, his son Dr. Joseph L. Williams joins him on "Testimony" and "Until He Saved Me", two personal songs that talk about the goodness of God and the story behind all the "glory".

Get ready for foot stomping and clapping on the acappella lead single, "Down Through the Years". This throwback classic will fill your heart with thanksgiving and gratitude. Veteran vocalist Danetra Moore takes the lead and takes the praise higher on "I Am the Way" with new artist Terrence Cotton holding it down on tenor background vocals.

Landmark has a continuity about it. Each and every song is a direct reflection of the goodness of God and how he truly has brought his people from a mighty long way. This album will take you on a personal journey of love, reflection, and gratitude. As your hear this great Pastor and church celebrate six decades of ministry, the heartbeat and focus can't help but touch your heart. Become familiar and let Pastor Jasper Williams take you down memory lane.

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Production: Derrick Stevenson
album release date: July, 2010
Church Door Records

— review by Martin Williams

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