J.D. Blair

He calls himself "The Groove Regulator" because that’s what he does. And you’ve heard him on projects that include those from Donnie McClurkin, Madison Mission Mass Choir, Kirk Whalum, CeCe Winans, Yolanda Adams and Bootsy Collins.

But on his first solo project, drums man JD Blair gets to regulate his own stuff, a wildly Regulated! CDeclectic grab bag of material that you sense defines the personality behind the skins. Sometimes avant garde, sometimes mellow, always funky and with a penchant for the unusual, Regulated! is one of a kind.

Check out "Psalm 150!", which is crammed with synths and drums from Blair, plus bass fills from Victor Wooten. “Good Time” hits a nice, brassy point with plenty of synth while riding a rock-steady rhythm line. “Will I C U” is an experimental exercise of thanks to God, with distorted bass, vocals from Andrew Ramsey and the occasional trumpet and blast of spoken word.

Perhaps the title track ‘says’ it all. Bringing Hammond B3 into the mix (from Dane Bryant), you can hear the two-meaning message of the album, the percussion becomes the voice of scripture.

1 Corinthians 6:19.

Producer: tgr
album release date: February 2001

— reviewed by Stan North

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