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Jessica Reedy
From The Heart

Since her runner-up status on the 2009 Finale of BET's Sunday Best competition, the name Jessica Reedy has been on everyone's lips in Gospel.

From The Heart, on Light Records, marks the national album debut for the soulful voice of this distinctive artist, a wonderful and thoughtfully arranged set CD of songs that will make even those unfamiliar with her name sit up and take notice.

Reedy works with a range of well-known producers and writers, from Doc Powell to Mali Music to Warryn Campbell and more.

Radio hits "God Has Smiled On Me" and "Put It On The Altar" are no-miss standouts, the latter co-written by Reedy and both poignantly addressing situations common to us all —and offering The Solution.

Quartet mainstays The Soul Seekers lend a hand on "Still Here", written by Doug Williams. Reedy matches up nicely with Teddy Campbell on this very traditional number.

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On the other side of the Gospel spectrum, "Doctor Love" showcases Reedy's musical versatility as she brings Faith Evans into the vocal picture, spinning a throwback dance number.

Not to be missed is the intriguingly titled "Blue God," penned by Mali Music. Using her low register to full advantage, Reedy pulls no punches as she slowly delivers. Listen carefully to the lyrics to get the message!

Other notable cuts include "When I Close My Eyes", featuring the guitar of Doc Powell (and also Debra Killings), and a nice cover of Israel Hougton's "Moving Forward".

To say that Jessica Reedy doesn't disappoint on From The Heart is an understatement. This unique and gifted artist is here to stay.

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Production: Various
album release date: September 27, 2011
eONE, Light Records

— review compiled by Stan North

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