J Moss
V4... The Other Side

An artist known for his vocal range and writing prowess, J Moss has consistently provided the Gospel music genre with cutting edge lyrical content and musical composition with every solo project. He does not disappoint with his newest offering, V4... The Other Side.

CDThe project is filled with hot tracks, great features, and tight harmonies that will keep you wanting more. Designed to have a high energy feel, it gets you moving and focused on the victory that comes after the storm, courtesy its fourteen tracks of cutting edge sound that is the genius of J Moss and his production team PAJAM. Featured on the project are James Fortune, Kierra Sheard, Karen Clark-Sheard, Hezekiah Walker, and Dorinda Clark-Cole.

V4 tells a story and opens up with "God's Got It", which will get your shoulders rocking and take your mind off of anything that might be burdening you. It's an encouraging song with a catchy hook and great lyrics.

It's followed by "Imma Do It", a urban track which is geared toward a younger audience (or the young at heart) that declares the power of the believer against doubt, the enemy, and anything that would try to hold them back.

"Take Me" is a pop inspired track that features introspective lyrics that speak from the heart of a believer that might have lost their way. J Moss' vocals perfectly compliment the sound and feel of the song. Another heart song, "Strong Enough", speaks of conversations that believers have with themselves about their faith. It has a rhythm and soul sound that you can groove to and lyrics that you can relate to.

Lead single "Good & Bad" tells the story of a believer that is rejoicing for the victory while thanking God for the past that they have left behind.

On "You Did", featuring James Fortune with words of exhortation and encouragement, the song builds up to the drive which highlights J Moss' sleek vocals. Combined with Fortune's signature exhortation, it results in an awesome blend, making the collabo a standout track.

The high energy traditional sound of "The Prayers" has Moss teaming up with choir master Hezekiah Walker, and it doesn't stop there because cousin Dorinda Clark-Cole laces the drive of the song with her vocals. "The Prayers" is a great mixture of traditional Gospel sounds and more contemporary sounds.

Other standouts include the reggae inspired "Shout", "Keep Your Head Up", "Good Day" written by J Moss' son, and the "Good & Bad (Remix House Mix)".

V4... The Other Side is a great project that continues to push the envelope when it comes to what is deemed as the Gospel sound. With substantive lyrics, cutting edge production, and outstanding vocals J Moss continues to provide projects that have a little something for everyone on it.

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Production: PAJAM
album release date: August, 2012
Verity Records

— review by Nakiyah Hayling

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