John Croslan II and IMC
Your Touch!!

John Croslan II may be most known for bringing in the instrumental jam and funk into several of Dottie Peoples’ hit albums. He’s also brought that vibe to projects from artists such as The Anointed Pace John Croslan II and IMC CDSisters and Velmer Watkins and the Angelic Gospel Community Choir, both of for whom he has served as musical director. He's also written for Yolanda Adams, Bruce Parham and Byron Cage.

Your Touch!! marks the sophomore project for this artist, and with his International Mass Choir (I.M.C.), these same features come into play. Fiery and filled with grooving keyboard, drums, guitar and bass from start to finish, this fourteen-track project from Saint Sounds Records is worthy and then some.

Songs range from the full roar of the choir on traditional, bumpy numbers such as “Time Ain’t Long”, to gentler near-ballads like “My Time Has Come”, “Your Grace” and “Crazy”. Each is touched by Croslan’s distinctively crisp production values and tight instrumental work from several players, frequently including Croslan himself.

Johnathan Alvarado
Click for review Also on Saint Sounds Records and produced by John Croslan II, Johnathan Alvarado & Total Grace deliver an astounding project, featuring both Alvarado as well as Shea Simpson on vocals.

Among killer cuts are in inspired cover of "Awesome God", plus some very kicking praise and worship cuts. If we were to give out stars top this Atlanta-based collective, we'd give them a full five!
Given the funky tendencies on even the most traditionally-structured songs, the detour into urban on several occasions here is not that surprising. And it’s not merely dabbling or experimenting either, it’s done with veteran finesse.

Synth sounds such as those heard on “Lord’s Side” drive several of these contemporary songs. Vocals are well-blended, even though vocals are delivered by a relatively small ensemble. A heavy bass feel rides it out low, and THE REG interjects a rap segment.

“Your Touch” teases with a faux-quartet intro that quickly melts into a choir-driven groove with producer ad lib liberties from Croslan. “Trust Him” uses a percolating latin rhythm with congas and other miscellaneous and exotic percussion underneath Rick Watford’s searing guitar work, all which lift up the I.C.M.’s choral exhortation.

Versatile and filled with fine Gospel, you would do well to pay attention to John Croslan II & I.M.C.

Producers: John Croslan II
album release date: August, 2001
Saint Sounds Records

— reviewed by Stan North

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