Jonathan McReynolds
Life Music

He's a fresh new face in Gospel Music with a unique sound and flair that's certain to make him a staple in the industry. With Life Music, Tehillah Music Group and Light Records introduce Jonathan McReynolds, an artist who has already received critical acclaim for his diverse music style and great neo soul vocal artistry.

CD Hailing from the south side of Chicago, McReynolds explains that he originally didn't want to sing because of his love for the drums and other instruments, but soon realized that God had indeed given him a special gift of song that must be shared with the world. (Read our interview with him here.)

Life Music is a 12 song project that touches the very core of your soul. McReynolds gives you a mix of gospel, R&B, jazz and neo soul in his delivery, wrapping his vocals around his equally impressive songwriting talent.

McReynolds says that his goal is for every listener to "live a better life by drawing unto God". Appropriately then, the album starts off with "Everything", in which McReynolds states that God is his everything. It's a short but sweet 2-minute song that sets the tone for the entire project.

The smooth and sweet "I Love You" is a love song to the Lord declaring there is none like Him in all in the earth. McReynolds demonstrates the immense range of his vocals, from his rich falsetto to his soulful bottom register that will set your mind in a place of peace and delight.

We've heard the saying 'You can't have your cake and eat it too", and in the song "No Gray" McReynolds brings new meaning to hat phrase. Although presented in a smooth and loving way, "No Gray" calls for Christians to choose who they are going to serve and eliminating the gray areas in their lives.

The album continues to flow in that same vein delivering a mixture of praise and worship and acoustic stylings.

McReynolds is on the path to becoming one of Gospel's diverse crossover artists. With a clear understanding of his assignment and message to reach the masses, its clear McReynolds looks to be an artist with staying power and passion for his ministry.

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Production: Jonathan McReynolds
album release date: Sept 25, 2012
Light Records / Tehillah Music Group

— review by Martin Williams

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