Keith Tribitt & The Elements of Faith
Work It Out Ministry IV

Keith Tribitt & The Elements of Faith are bound to create a stir with their project, Work It Out Ministry IV. Why? Because it's all there. Great soloists, slamming band work, memorable songs, and the prerequisite genuine ministry.

Based in Kansas City, Missouri, the choir brings forth an enthusiasm of spirit tied to marvelous musicality. The sounds is contemporary in flava and features songwriting and arrangements from Tribitt as well as Pamela Tribitt-Kalu nearly all the way through the fifteen tracks.

CDElements of Faith has a full, round vocal sound that's complimented with a family-affair band that includes Tribitt on piano and keys, Patrick Tribitt on bass, Kevin Tribitt on drums, Timothy Tribitt on organ, plus Jeremy Haynes on drums, Jimmy Ellison on guitar and Kevin Bond and Jonathan Dubose occasionally stepping in with their expertise.

Put a star beside the near-funk of the opening song, "In The Name of Jesus" (with Tribitt-Kalu on lead), and also the less strident "Lift Him Up". Hope McIntosh's smooth vocal work on "Your Holiness" also stands out, an unusual cut that brings in multiple narrators to good effect.

The praise & worship approach of "None Like You" also easily resonates with its unassuming melody. Several other songs on the project also fit into this vein ("We Worship Thee", "I Love You"). The choir also ably tackles James Cleveland's "Thank You Lord", with four separate vocal leads prominent.

Keith Tribitt & The Elements of Faith —a group to watch, and definitely to listen to!

Producer: Jeremy Haynes, Keith Tribitt
album release date: 2001
LifeLine Music Group

— review by Stan North

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