Keith Williams
Tone for Worship

Keith Williams' Tone for Worship is an intimate yet wide angle lens portrait of sentimentality expressed to God from the heart of a worshipper.

In the span of eleven tracks, Williams plans, orchestrates and leads worship in his own way. With nothing to prove or the need to impress, Minister Keith stands front stage and center and does what he does best.

The album opens with the antiphonic "So Good To Be Back". It's a light-hearted urban praise song drawing energy with each modulation coupled with CD rhythmic and heartfelt shouts of praise . It's followed by the Chicago stepper styled "As For Me and My House", penned by Williams and Mark Jackson. A close listen will bring to mind R. Kelly's "Happy People".

"Tone for Worship", the title cut, is set against a groove track, but the lyrics drawn from inspiration of Psalm 42 take precedence and the fragrance of worship permeates the latter half of the song.

Then there's "Anticipation". How can you go wrong with loaded lyrics like "I'm in expectation of the move of God"?? It's a setup and a good formula put to practice. Somebody call the seraphims to make their flight and cry 'Holy'; the glory cloud shows up on this number.

Knowing one round isn't enough, "Anticipation" brings an almost 2 minute reprise that still isn't enough. At the end of the reprise, Williams prayerfully pleads "Move, God" before the track fades, leaving you wondering, "Is this the end??? Are you serious, producers?? The conventional wisdom cloud of witnesses all agree that the production team should have taken a page from the Shekinah Glory team, letting the track go for 12 minutes giving free course to the Spirit.

"Holy To You" makes a reappearance here (first heard on Earnest Pugh' Christmas project), featuring a duet with Williams and Pugh.

If you can get past the glory in the middle, you'll find other nuggets including "I Believe God", "All For You" and "Strength". All in all, Tone for Worship is a strong effort and yet another check in the plus column for the EPM Music Group label.

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Production: Various
album release date: August, 2013
EPM Music Group

— review by Gregory Gay

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