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From The Streets to The Church

From the Streets to the Church is Kenny's debut, and it's a good one. From Low Budget Records, it sounds anything but, as the Gospel Truth meets rhythm jams.

"A little R&B, a little funk, a little rock, and little hip hop", so states Kenny on the introlude. From there on, he and producer Geeman assemble some tasty tracks that feature stacked vocals and innovative musical tracks.

Kenny CD"Soldiers for Jesus Christ" defines the artist's purpose and the follow-up cuts "Jesus Christ" and "Run To You" re-state his aim, integrating close harmony stacks with excepts from the Lord's Prayer.

Rhythms come in strong on the title track and the jam factor is intense on "Feels So Good" as well as the bonus remix cut "Put Ya' Hands Up".

"All I Know" offers the depth of simplicity of God's love and provision, presented in slow jam fashion.

Through the album's full fourteen tracks, Kenny never waivers in delivering quality soulful vocals, with complex arrangements and solid production values from Geeman carrying the day.

Call this project a sleeper if you want. But one thing is certain: From the Streets To The Church amply fills the need for heavily produced, serious, Gospel jams with straight up worshipful lyrics.

Wake up!

Producer: Geeman
album release date: October, 2001
Low Budget Records

reviewed by Stan North

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