Kenoly Brothers
No Distance

Their impressive debut snagged many into their fold, with their rollingly smooth harmonies and urban appeal. No Distance, the sophomore project from The Kenoly Brothers, drives into the same territory, this time with even greater polish and kick.

CD Combining with Randy Emata on instruments and production, Sam and Ron Jr. pour fourteen tracks and a few 'on the phone' interludes. It's always smooth and always groove as their two voices weave and combine as probably only brothers can make happen. Jams, ballads and the occasionally more rhythmically intense number are the order of the day for these Afro-Puerto Ricans.

Beginning with the tenderness of "So Amazing" and also including jams such as the close harmony of "All That I'm Longing For" and the sparky "The La, La, La Song", The Kenoly Brothers excel at offering up melodic, urban praise.

Lyrically, The Kenolys also use significant portions of the album to examine relationships of all sorts. "I Need You" looks at the heartbreak of a man whose marriage has broken apart, and his confession that he needs the Lord more than ever before to carry on.

"Bad Situation" tells the musical tale of a dating couple who face the temptation of pre-marital intimacy, with the guy gently telling his girlfriend that it is God's will that he break off the relationship. "Too Close" is a little more upbeat, but carries the same message.

CD On the opposite side of the emotional ledger, "Spend Some Time" and the dance-generating "Vibe" are classic love songs that express the joy of relationships that are in God's will. Rapper Sevin adds a touch of hip hop flava to the latter.

The project finishes with a series of superb R&P cuts. "Running Back To You" offers a melody that basks in the glory of strings and piano and may just be he album's triumph.

The title track ("No Distance"), has Craig Kenoly joining with his brothers over a gentle conga-based track testifying of God's undying and unconditional love. "Because of Who You Are" is a beautiful Martha Munizzi song set to piano with horns and guitar guiding the way.

The Kenoly Brothers have fashioned together a highly commendable project in No Distance. You won't be disappointed.

Producer: Randy Emata
album release date: September, 2002
Next Generation Ministry Records

review by Stan North

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