Shout Praises! In Stores April 2, 2002!

Shout Praises! Kid's Gospel

Take some of Gospel's hottest songs, add in tons of enthusiastic kids and add Kim  CDRutherford, Israel Houghton, Aaron Lindsey, Derick Thomas and Joe Hogue and you've got an explosive mix.

A feast of instruments accompanies the hot-as-coals praise, with plenty of live brass, lots of guitar and ample keyboard and organ flowing throughout.

The project ignites with Fred Hammond's "When The Spirit of the Lord". Kim Rutherford has been out of the spotlight for a minute, but that all changes here as she connects with Aaron Lindsey on dual vocals.

And yet, consistent with the entire album, it's the kids of Cornerstone Church in Toledo, Ohio who are the stars of the project. Their youthful exhuberance and their passion for worship shines through so clearly, making sizzling songs become even more sparkling.

The kids give it all on Kurt Carr's In The Sanctuary and Mary Mary's Shackles, as they take on extra special energy.

Also blazing are "You Are Good", first heard in 2001 on Israel's scorching New Season project, Tim Johnson's "Jubilee" (from Bishop Carlton Pearson's Azusa Jubilee project), and the always favorite "Victory Chant" and "Lord I Lift Your Name on High" (with Rutherford out front).

The vibe is slightly cooler, but no less powerful on Darlene Zschech's popular "Shout To the Lord", with Houghton and Lindsey combining on vocals. Houghton also sings on the original song, "I Will Praise".

The anointing on youthful soloist Jasmine Garcia is powerful; her voice on "I Lift Up My Hands", sung in both English and Spanish, is a project highlight among many.

From tracks one through thirteen, Shout Praises! Kids Gospel is a thrill, a triumph and an absolute blessing.

Producers: Israel Houghton, Joe Hogue, Aaron Lindsey, Derick Thomas
album release date: April 2, 2002

reviewed by Stan North

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