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Laird Sillimon & Covenant
The One God

Representing Stockton, CA, Laird Sillimon enters the scene with an accomplished pedigree. The artist has handled production efforts for the Christian Life Center (CLC) Mass Choir while also serving as Associate Pastor and Music Department Chair of Christian Life Center. In addition, Sillimon's work has been recorded by the famed Edwin Hawkins Music & Arts Seminar choir over the years.

CD With anticipation, Sillimon and his ensemble Covenant release their newest effort titled The One God. The 11-track studio project presents the Sunday morning experience in a balanced package that highlights both the traditional and contemporary expressions of the genre in an authentic manner (hear the audio clips).

Sillimon teams with Grammy award winning producer Kevin Bond to handle production for the entire effort. Bond's years of experience serves as a perfect complement to the musical presentation of Sillimon and Covenant, as he adds his signature polish to the final product.

Sillimon finds his musical comfort zone in traditional presentations such as the "Back To Church Medley" that features "As Long As I Have Jesus", "Give The Lord The Praise", "Bless That Wonderful Name", and "Look What The Lord Has Done". "Gotta Praise Him (Sing Hallelujah)" continues the church vibe which works well for the ensemble, with Nichole Evans providing solid lead vocals.

Sillimon, an accomplished songwriter, pens the lion's share of the songs for this effort. In addition to penning traditional favorites, Sillimon knows the power of the ballad. "All My Praise" is an urban worship gem, featuring the passionate and powerful lead vocals of Tramaine Lee Lewis. Equally powerful is "To Know You". Penned by Laura Payne, the track is simple in nature, yet lives on the strength of its heartfelt lyrics and the powerful leads of both Lewis and Daniel Meintasis, Sr.

Arguably, the album's most exciting moment comes on the track "Not Just 4 Me". This infectious groove gets in your shoulders and features Sillimon on lead vocals. With a vocal tone a bit reminiscent of Marcus Cole, the track reminds all that Christ's love is for all men. This track is definitely the one!!

Sillimon's experience works well as he and Covenant proudly herald the praises of The One God.

Audio Downloads Listen to the audio provided below. Audio tracks are available in RealAudio format (click logo below to listen. Click To Listen)
  • "Sacrifice" -- Click To Listen

  • "The One God" -- Click To Listen

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Production: Laird Sillimon, Kevin Bond
album release date: Sept, 2009
Sillimon Sound

— review by Gerard Bonner

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