Bishop Larry D. Trotter & Sweet Holy Spirit Combined Choirs
I Still Believe

There's an old adage that says that necessity is the mother of invention. It could also be said that adversity is the birthplace of greatness.

Enter Bishop Larry D. Trotter who, along with his Sweet Holy Spirit Combined Choirs, is one of the nation's most exciting church choirs. With six albums to their credit, Trotter & Sweet Holy Spirit have produced hits such as "What's To Come Is Better Than What's Been", "The Lord Is Blessing Me", and "It's Only A Test", becoming staples in churches throughout America. After a four-year recording hiatus that saw Trotter endure a near Job-like experience, he and his choir return with their seventh and most powerful album I Still Believe.

CD  Fifteen tracks strong, Trotter and Sweet Holy Spirit present an album full of encouragement and empowerment designed to strength the faith of the listener during challenging seasons. Trotter leans on his familiar writing team of Rick Robinson and VaShawn Mitchell, who pen all but two songs on the effort. In addition, Mitchell and Robinson handle production efforts for the album. Mitchell lends his trademark lead vocals to the jams "Be Not Dismayed" and the uplifting "With God I Can".

Bishop Trotter has always felt comfortable with good old-fashioned Sunday morning church music; check out the catchy "Breakthrough" and "Oh Taste and See". Both will quickly become choir favorites throughout the country.

In addition, the choir does an arrangement of the FC Barnes-penned "So Many Wonderful Things", lead by Bishop Trotter.

Of course, no Sweet Holy Spirit album would be complete without an ample praise break. Also known as the "Chicago Bump", this album's praise break will make you grab your comfortable celebratory dancing shoes for a great four-minute praise workout!!

The entire album can really be encapsulated in the title cut, penned by Robinson and Mitchell. Bishop Trotter shares his testimony of his last four years of life and offers the title cut, a sure fire anthem of hope, faith, and courage.

Arguably the theme song of the believer, "I Still Believe" empowers listeners to live beyond their pain and begin a new life with Christ as the foundation. Equally encouraging is "The Lord Is On My Side". Both songs will get significant plays on your iPod, for sure.

Included in this release is a bonus DVD which features concert footage of "Made A Way", the sermon of "I Still Believe" and an exclusive interview with Bishop Trotter, with Donald Lawrence asking the questions.

I Still Believe is the most thematic, and arguably most relevant, effort in the significant musical catalogue of Bishop Larry Trotter & Sweet Holy Spirit. Proof that all experiences have purpose; Trotter has made the most of the last four years and produced another timeless body of work that will encourage generations to come. This is definitively a significant add to your musical library.

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Production: VaShawn Mitchell, Rick Robinson
album release date: June, 2009
Utopia Music Group/ Tyscot Records

— review by Gerard Bonner

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