LaShun Pace
God Is Faithful

As the most visible member of the Anointed Pace Sisters over the past several years, LaShun Pace has continually wowed the Gospel nation with her flaired soprano style and sincere deliveries.

Prepare to be wowed again, with God is Faithful, this latest in a string of successful solo projects from Savoy Records.

LaShun Pace CDBut as filled as this project is with Pace’s soaring gift for diva delivery and soul filled dynamics, the album is even more notable for the overwhelming spirit of joy that permeates the project.

And that spirit becomes all the more awe-inspiring when you consider that Lashun suffered through the experience of her 11-year old daughter Xenia unexpectedly passing away into the arms of Jesus in early 2001, as the album was being put together.

Several songs speak to Pace’s pain mingled with joy in knowing exactly where her daughter has gone, and also with the comfort that God provided to her in these times.

“This Place” is one of those songs, one of two compositions on the album that Malonda Pace wrote for her sister. It’s a slow and intensely powerful ballad which speaks of our “being in this world but not of it”, and the challenges that this brings. Evidently it stems directly from the family’s recent suffering.

LaShun Pace also writes several songs on the album, with “Bishop’s Praise (Your Name Alone)" being a standout praise and worship number. "A Mother's Song" is a moving piece that acknowledges the trials that single mothers experience, and features background vocals from Pace's youngest daughter Aarion Rhodes as well as from her late daughter Xenia.

A Mother's Tribute
Click for review Here is Lashun Pace’s album dedication, taken straight from the CD liner notes:

"This album is dedicated in loving memory of Xenia Rhodes

From the one who knows....click here for the complete dedication.

Several high energy cuts jump straight out the box at you, with “I Will Bless The Lord At All Times” falling into that category. Contemporary flava’d with a low-riding bass line and smoothed strings , it’s set off with a heavy dose of that repeated vocal groove on chorus that the Anointed Pace Sisters do so well.

Paces smooths it out slightly on the title track, a free-flowing power ballad from the pen of songwriter Rev. Marquis Egerton (see album review) that comes packaged with traditional touches and is supported by glorious backing harmonies.

The veteran singer could never forget the old time church sound, and on this project she brings the 'tried and true' into cuts such as “There’s A Leak In This Old Building”, which is supported soley by call-and-response choir lines and solid piano chording. “Lift Up Jesus” on the other hand, is pure church shout.

LaShun PacePace worked a wonder in covering “Be Grateful” on her last project. Here she continues the Hawkins vein with a rework of Walter Hawkin’s “Holy One”, originally popularized by Tramaine Hawkins. Pace tenderizes the song with briliant phrasing before taking the house down with fiery vocalizing as the song vamps out.

Also covered is Andrae Crouch’s classic “He Looked Beyond My Faults”, which Pace takes into soft territory.

To say that Pace knows how to work a song is understatement without parallel. Moving from a soft vocal glaze to shearing blasts of upper register power, her work is beauty in sound. And her Gospel message is a comfort, no matter what your experience in life.

Producers: Brien Andrews, Milton Rev. Biggham, LaShun Pace
album release date: August 28, 2001
Savoy Records

— reviewed by Stan North

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