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Lashun Pace

For over 20 years the gospel music world has been graced by the powerful and anointed voice of Lashun Pace, with songs such as "He Keeps On Doing Great Things", "I Know I've Been Changed" and "My Times" pulling us through. No one does it quite like Lashun Pace.

Reborn, on Shanachie Records, is a 13-track project with a contemporary sound mixed with the traditional gospel that she's known and loved for. Pace penned several of the songs on the album, and collaborated with Rudolph Stanfield Jr. on production.

CD It is no secret that Lashun Pace has experienced trials and transitions over the years, but always emerges triumphant. Reborn is a testament to this. You can palpably feel the passion and heart of her message.

The project opens up with a heart-wrenching narration of Pace's personal testimony, declaring that she will sing the "song of the Lord" because she has been called to do so. She then transitions to "Something 2 Live 4", a mid-tempo track with a catchy phrase and infectious baseline and a great transition from the opener. Pace testifies that no matter what happens, if you're still alive you have purpose.

Reborn features her daughter, Aarion Rhodes, on lead vocals on two songs. Look out for her on "He's Able", an upbeat track reminiscent of 60's dance music, and "Lord In You" a slow tempo, soul-stirring song that speaks to the core of who God should be to the believer.

Then there's the "Hymns That Brought Me Through", a delightful blend of some of the most widely loved hymns.

Other stand-out tracks on this project include: "You're So Good", "Keep Going On", "I'm Living For Jesus" and "At All Times".

Lashun's piercing soprano voice and unique vocal arrangements (as one example, check out "Say So") make this project a great addition to your collection. Pace stays true to her style and sound, but also brings freshness to the project, with her transparency and passion truly shining through.

Be glad that she has decided to continue to bless the world with her amazing gift.

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Production: Rudolph Stanfield Jr.
album release date: July, 2011
Shanachie Records

— reviewed by Nakiyah Hayling

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