Lee Williams and the Spiritual QC's
RIght On Time

Expectations are high, and there is no disappointment. It’s been a while now since Lee Williams and the Spiritual QC's headed from Tupelo, Mississippi to Bishop G.E. Patteron’s Temple of Deliverance COGIC in Memphis, Tennessee for the next recording leg of their musical journey, but as they say, it was worth the wait.

The album, from MCG Records, is Right On Time.

Williams, the gentleman of quartet Gospel, does what he does best —deliver a riveting quartet lead in song after song, each composition poured into with his heart for ministry.

CDHe and the QC’s have generated a whole new listening audience for quartet genre over the years, and with this album, is sure to increase that number again.

Jerry Peters and George Dean join with Williams in producing the project, ably lending their experienced ears to bring the authentic live sound directly into your speakers. There’s just the right touch of grit, evoking the atmosphere of that steamy, sultry, hot Memphis evening.

All of the songwriting on the album comes from Williams’ pen. There’s an abundance of riches to choose from, with “Jesus Made A Way” being high on that list. Uptempo and featuring that drive, the song is distinguished with a fabulous vocal hook on the chorus, with some brilliant vocal arrangements for the QC's to dig into.

“Have Your Own Way” is a stunning cut. Williams leads the way with passionate, driving vocals, as Al Hollis’ and Mark Q. Blair’s edgy guitar work sizzles underneath the QCs’ insistent never-quit chorus. The title cut also makes the highlight reel, its rocksy energy obvious from the opening bar.

If you’ve ever seen Williams sing, you know that one of the most striking visual elements is how, aside from his busy foot keeping the beat, he remains stock still while belting out his lines. It’s as if he transfers all of that potential body energy into his vocals, so powerful is his lead.

And when Patrick Hollis and Leonard Shumpert occasionally take lead vocal responsibilities, they make the most of it. “Nobody But You" is a case in point. Ths song
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begins with Shumpert’s bass voice slowing drawing out the opening syllable of the first word, before things ignite with Williams taking over with his fiery delivery, making it one of the most exciting songs on the project. Then there's “Next Time”, a song with the edge slightly shaved off. It explains in lyrics that Jesus 'is going to fix it', and the catchy melody is front and center.

Patrick Hobson on organ and Jerry Peters on piano sweeten things throughout Right On Time, but especially on the smoothly-rendered and harmony-infused vertical prayer, “I’ve Found A Friend”. And likewise on, “God So Loved”, which makes for a tender album-closing ballad.

You cannot go wrong with Lee Williams & The Spiritual QCs —everyone knows that. So don’t be surprised to see Right On Time staying rock solid as an all time favorite.

Producers: Lee Williams, George Dean, Jerry Peters
album release date: June 17, 2003
MCG Records

— review by Stan North

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