Lisa Page Brooks

With a string of hit albums as front singer for contemporary female quartet Witness and a 1997 solo splash, Lisa Page Brooks returns with her second solo effort, an eponymously-titled album that is her first for AIR Gospel.

Lisa Page Brooks CDPage Brooks doesn’t deviate from the sound path that has taken her ministry to its present position of strength. Those who’ve heard her in concert know there’s no doubt she can power and wail her vocals with best, however that’s not what this album is about.

No, the focus here is more on the tip of chilled-out, meditative reflection on God’s Word.

Husband and veteran songwriter/producer/keyboardist Michael Brooks guides each of the project’s twelve songs with a firm hand, melding profound scriptural lyrics to predominantly soft-touched vibes with crisp backing vocals.

“Breakthrough” is a well-crafted song that encourages standing true and firm however grim the circumstances, opening with a mild mini-rap from Larry Howard before Page Brooks takes the whirl into a lightly urban jam.

“I’ll Follow You”, from the pen of her brother Charles “Ollie” Harris, continues with strains of strings pocked with an appealing rhythm tracks as Page Brooks weaves her signature vocals into a complexly and precisely harmonised carpet of vocal backdrop.

Lisa Page BrooksOther cuts are significantly more mellow, often filled with pastoral tones, light rhythms and a gentle acoustic feel. It’s a style that’s well-suited to the strong lyrical emphasis on many of the songs. Compositions such as “Waiting”, “Fully Persuaded” and “True Worship” easily fall into this category.

While some will desire perhaps a bit more variety in vocal approach, and others will cry out for greater musical risks, it’s evident that both Michael Brooks and Lisa Page Brooks know what they’ve set out to do. And they do it very well.

Strong lyrics with scriptural foundation set to light grooves and Brooks’ patented vocal production, this is a label debut that will satisfy those who have followed the singer through Witness and beyond.

Producer: Michael Brooks
album release date: July 31, 2001
AIR Gospel

— reviewed by Stan North

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