Lowell Pye

We've known for forever that Lowell Pye was a singer. From his days with John P. Kee and New Life to his days as a member of Men of Standard, Pye always showed us "I didn't come here to stand around and hold up the wall, I came to sing".

CD The release of Finally on Miralex Entertainment displays the depth and even grander dimension of his ability. This is a project where the efforts of producer and artist come together and the results are dead on. The cover of Commissioned's "Running Back to You" is nice on CD, but its potency lies in its live performance (I saw a hoarse Lowell Pye on the Word Network and the young man took the house with him!)

Pye delivers the goods on "Over" (a duet with Sheri Jones Moffet) and "I'm Pressing On"; there's a "let me sing with the masters of the universe" pairing with Marvin Winans and Rance Allen on "He'll Make a Way" (a groove version of the standard "I Know the Lord Will Make a Way").

Perhaps the ultimate wrecker of the CD is "Jesus Never Fails" where he weaves the message of the song around the common theme and after setting the house ablaze, he then tries to bring things into perspective as he subtly sings the hymn "Jesus Never Fails" (let me say that didn't work, because when he gets to "I Tried Him", he has a moment); then finally at the end Lowell sings himself Happy (and me too).

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Production: Various
album release date: 2011

— reviewed by Gregory Gay

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