Lucinda Moore

Lucinda Moore
Unlimited Praise

After several high profile guest shots on albums from the GMWA Women of Worship to Joe Pace & The Colorado Mass Choir to Hezekiah Walker & The Love Tabernacle Choir, where she consistently stunned the respective albums with her unforgettable CDsoprano antics, Bridgeport, Connecticut’s Lucinda Moore tests the waters with a solo foray (hear audio).

The five-track EP is all that you would expect from Moore: high powered, well-paced and top quality. With H. 'Doobie' Powell Jr. by her side working the production board and with help from some strong backing vocalists, the songs (written and arranged by Moore) come at you with full force.

The EP title track comes wrapped in that classic East Coast contemporary praise bump, with some choice funk moments and good backing vocals (from Moore too). Great vocal texture and appropriate inflection from the artist add to the flava. (An even bumpier version of the song is included on the EP).

The mid-tempo “Jesus I Come To Thee” with synths and conga catches the ear. Moore’s phrasing meshes nicely with V. Sean Lilly’s track. Then “Live Not Die (Declare The Works)”, with its contrasting tempo and gentler feel, makes for a good complement.

With a hymn medley (“Hymns For The Soul” incorporating three church standards) in the mix too, Lucinda Mooore cements her reputation on this EP for vocal excellence. Shouldn’t be long now before this artist is snapped up by a record label.

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Producer: H. 'Doobie' Powell Jr.
album release date: December 2004
Horizon Music Group

— review by Stan North

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