Lucinda Moore

Lucinda Moore

Lucinda Moore makes her national debut on the Tyscot label, with a live project that satisfies all the many expectations from this gifted vocalist, after years of guest spots on albums ranging from Hezekiah Walker to Joe Pace and the GMWA Women of Worship.

CDMoore takes her soprano into the high energy opener, "Celebrate" (read interview). With Vashawn Mitchell producing and a tight vocal ensemble backing her up, the sound is vibrant and powered, with a definite churchy groove.

On the lead single, "Pressure Into Praise", Moore's exhortation to give God the glory no matter what the situation is set over a distinctive syncopated rhythm, with keyboard and percussion up front.

Moore introduced "Live Not Die" on her independent EP, and brings it back here in a vocally-demanding form. With organ supporting her, Moore brings the essence of the song home with phrasing and emphasis on God's vital promise of everlasting life to those who follow Him.

The legendary Daryl Coley duets with Moore on "Already Done", a slow-building burner with an arrangement that nicely combines the two vocalists with the backing choir's tightly rendered delivery.

Moore rounds out her eponymously-titled project with a few church favorites, including "Safe In His Arms" and "Old Rugged Cross".

Anyone who's ever heard Lucinda Moore in concert knows that this singer always gives her all, and won't be surprised by the intensity of this project. Put a star beside it.

Audio Downloads Listen to the audio provided below, courtesy of Tyscot Records. Audio tracks are available in RealAudio format (click logo below to listen. Click To Listen)

  • "Pressure Into Praise" -- Click To Listen

  • "Balm in Gilead" -- Click To Listen

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Producer: Vashawn Mitchell
album release date: August, 2006
Tyscot Records

— review by Stan North

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