Macho is a veteran in the rap game that people may remember as one half of New Breed with his sister, Elsie. Also a member of the underground collective, Tunnel Rats, he has been off the scene since 2005, focusing on marriage and raising a family. During this time, he also focused on his relationship with Christ.

When someone has been "out of the game" for that long, you wonder can they recapture the magic. Wonder no more. Macho releases Remember, a collection of bangers, thought-provoking hits and even songs of praise and worship, with the majority of the production coming from Dski and Donovan Luke Henry.

CDThere has always been an underlying debate concerning Macho and the Tunnel Rats, concerning their lack of mentioning the name of Jesus. People accused that crew of only being about battling and being the best at their craft. That issue is addressed on "I Am", produced by Peace 586. Macho straight kills this song lyrically while assuring people that he is who God made him to be. Don't put Macho in a box because he definitely focuses on his relationship with Christ. Macho asks the deep questions that people ask about God's existence and relevance today on "Dear God". Rapper/poet, Propaganda serves as the voice of God to answer those questions and he does so with his voice lowered an octave or two. Dski aka the illeagal produces.

Macho hooks up with fellow lyricist, R Swift to offer "Persuaded" laced with a boom bip courtesy of Dski. This duo did not disappoint, while Darnell Miller adds some mean guitar work.

This album is Macho like we have not heard him before —an honest look into his life, reflections and love for Christ. He reflects on his life and repents of past mistakes on the title track, featuring and produced by Henry.

Eerie keyboard samples and a head nodder, courtesy of Dert, help to round out the deep lyrics by Macho on "Ain't My Life". Macho sings the hook; thus showcasing his impressive vocals. "Give Me Strength" finds Macho reunited with his sister Elsie to bring the heat, but they both are crying to God to help them through the trials of life. At the end, he shows how strength from Christ reignites and invigorates him.

For Tunnel Rats fans, no need to worry; Macho has not forgotten about your love for his crew. Insert the infectious, "Up In Your System"; Zane and Jurny big gives a sense of TR nostalgia spitting nice verses with Macho. Sundance provides a simple, yet futuristic track that will have you scratching your head saying, "This track is simplistic, yet complete genius". Macho and Dax school aspiring artists on "Live Your Dream".

"No Greater Love" is a song of worship with Henry taking the lead vocals. "Run to You" is self-explanatory and just what is needed in Christian Hip Hop. Macho's time away from recording was obviously a very fruitful and growing time. He has added more depth to his repertoire and it flows throughout, Remember.

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Production: Various
album release date: Nov, 2011

— review by Dwayne Lacy

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