Mali Music
The Second Coming

What's all the talk about Mali Music? Is it just hype or is he for real?

This artist has created an amazing buzz about his music and prolific songwriting. As a worship leader and music lover, he put out an EP titled the The Coming, and now he is back with The Second Coming.

CD  In short, the hype is much deserved. Mali Music is a tremendous live performer, playing keyboards, acoustic guitar and singing as well. He also handles most of the production. Style wise, he offers vocals that are a mix of John Legend and Bob Marley, with Gospel influence.

The midtempo smooth, "Broken Spirit" is just a glimpse into the heart of Mali and how he is being honest about things he is going to, but yet acknowledging what God wants from His children. "Conqueror" is just a phenomenal song with an almost marching military beat. He serves to encourage and the passion shines as he brilliantly goes from real calm tone of singing into the more aggressive tone.

From the haunting, "Heart's Song" to the semi-churchy "No Musick" to the touching "All I Have to Give", there is so much to chew on and enjoy. Beautiful describes "Yahweh". Mali has done a few guest spots with Tye Tribbett and GA singing "Bless The Lord (Son Of Man)". So Tye returns the favor doing what Tye does well on the reprise of "Yahweh". The song itself is beautiful and it holds its own even without Tye (but it is still good to have him on the reprise!).

If you want to know a song that has helped to bring much recognition to Mali Music? In comes the lead single, "I Hate You", a song dedicated solely to the disdain of the devil. He has no respect for the one who wants to destroy lives on a daily basis. This song is a banger, beatwise, lyrically and vocally. It has become a theme song of sorts for many people. This is not a critic exaggeration to make him look good. Check this song out!!

Mali Music is the real deal and he is taking the hype around him and using it as a chance to preach the Gospel and share his heart. Not buying The Second Coming would be doing yourself a disservice.

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Production: Michael McDonald
album release date: November, 2009
Razor & Tie

— review by Gerard Bonner

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