Marica Chisolm
Simply Worship

Marica Chisolm is a fresh new face on the scene of contemporary praise and worship. After serving as a worship leader and background vocalist for several of today's respected artists, she now takes center stage.

Chisolm believes the word "artist" does not fit her because she's not an entertainer. Her goal is for every person who experiences her ministry to encounter Christ. Her first album entitled, Simply Worship, is a collection of eleven worship songs filled with the power and presence of God.

The eleven-track album was recorded live at Greater Victory Christian Center in Atlanta, Georgia in front of a packed house. Trenton Philips serves as musical producer.

CD Expectancy is the best word to describe the atmosphere of the recording as it is infused into the project. Chisolm brings in a new generation of songwriters on this album such as EMI Gospel recording artist Tasha Cobbs, who penned the track "Used". This is a simple song of adoration asking God to use you for His glory despite everything that may be wrong with you.

Titus Jackson's "Oh Give Thanks" opens up the praise party and leads directly into Chisolm's powerhouse buzz single "Hallelujah to the King" written by Darius Paulk (who also penned VaShawn Mitchell's smash single, "Nobody Greater").

Aaron Adams' song "Desperation" adds balance to the album and will be a favorite amongst praise and worship teams. Chisolm brings in Maranda Curtis Willis on "So in Love"; the two compliment each in other in a powerful duet about the love of God.

Perhaps the song that will be on everyone's lips is "Send Your Rain", written by Devon Goodwin. Here, Chisolm digs deep and pours her heart into the nearly twelve minute track of worship.

Antwoin Holman arranges the album's vocals, calling on choice vocalists from the Atlanta area to embrace the message and heartbeat of the album in their vocal delivery.

Simply Worship is the type of album that needs no gimmick. From its title to the music, the album has one purpose and that is to bring listeners into the presence of God. Chisolm's strong alto tone adds warmth and comfort to each song, bringing authenticity to the message. The material on this album will become a favorite in churches worldwide as it combines great vocals, well written lyrics, and crowd participation.

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Production: Trent Phllips
album release date: February 2013
DS2 Music Group

— review by Martin Williams

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