Marvin Sapp

One of Gospel’s most prominent and prolific voices makes his return on Thirsty. Marvin Sapp, the self-professed “preacher who happens to sing” is back with a scintillating 13-track release, seventh solo project.

CD Recorded live at Resurrection Life Church in Grandville, Michigan, Sapp withholds nothing, enlisting some of the Gospel’s most exciting talent to share in the offering. Famed New Breed producer and music director Aaron Lindsey assumes these roles on the project. Meanwhile, Stellar award winners Myron Butler and Levi provide incredible background vocals, with Butler serving as vocal director. That alone serves as an unbeatable musical combination and they don’t disappoint.

As an accomplished lead vocalist and pastor, Sapp appears most comfortable with a live audience. The Commissioned alumnus has no problem jamming with the best of them, as evidenced on “Magnify”, “Power”, and the deliciously infectious “Possess the Land”.

However, Sapp is clearly a worship leader and takes you to the most holy place with “Worshipper In Me”, “Never Would’ve Made It”, and “Shout Unto God”.

Sapp does due justice to old and new tunes alike, breathing new life into the famed hymn “In the Garden” while covering “Place of Worship” and the title track, a pair of songs penned and first recorded by Jason Nelson.

Marvin Sapp’s silky smooth tenor voice fused with a worship-filled heart makes Thirsty one of the year’s best efforts and could be the crowning jewel in his ever-growing catalogue.

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Production: Aaron Lindsey
album release date: July, 2007
Verity Records

— reviewed by Gerard Bonner

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