Mary Alessi
When Women Worship

Mary Alessi joins with friends for the ultimate worship experience on When Women Worship. Ingrid Rosario, Nicole Binion, Da’dra Crawford Greathouse, Cindy Cruse Ratcliff, Amie Dockery and twin sister Martha Munizzi gather together for a virtual free-flow of spirit-filled time dedicated to the King.

CDFeaturing such modern-day worship classics as John Ragsdale’s “Thirst for You”, Martin Nystrom’s “As a Deer” and Michael W. Smith’s “Agnus Dei” plus new songs, this project uniquely features women with their ministry directed towards women. Somehow the typical plights of women, put in the frame of worship, translated through the medium of music becomes relevant to all.

Aaron Lindsey’s production hand brings strength out of many delicate worship songs through his signature stylized arrangements. He provides more than just mood music, it’s more akin to move music.

Nicole Binion and Da’dra Crawford Greathouse come together beautifully on “Come Boldly”, which ironically almost inherently causes one to bow. The contrast of the force of the words and the reserve of the vocal, make it glisten.

Rosario renders Spanish translations of “I Surrender All” (Yo Me Rindo A El) as well as on “Always Welcome” along with Cruse-Ratcliff.

“Decorating the Nations” presents the word overshadowed in the proper context of the word. Dockery explains that the word means, from God’s perspective “I am well pleased”; in stark contrast to the burdensome interpretation we have come to associate it with.

A worthy eleven-minute intro leads to “Overshadow Me” complete with “Overture” aptly sub-titled “The Enter-lude.” It is arguably the piece de resistance on the project; that is until you get to “Great Grace” penned by Alessi and Lindsey. Another sweeping ballad on such grand scale, it really makes it hard to choose a favorite.

Kurt Carr’s “You Are God” sets off the “Sovereign God Medley”; Alessi’s lead vocal sits on top sweet harmonies by the chorus of women.

A great mix of familiar songs and ones that will soon be familiar, this is a worship project that you need in your collection. Alessi and producer Lindsey keep it “pink” but powerful, perhaps a metaphor for how women worship.

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Production: Aaron Lindsey
album release date: March, 2007
Miami Life Sounds

— reviewed by Melanie Clark

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