Mary Mary
Something Big

They are the duo that is holding down in a major way for the Gospel community.

Over five million albums sold, three Grammy Awards, and major network television performances have caused these two young ladies to become icons in not just in Gospel, but in music period. Erica and Tina Campbell, aka Mary Mary, have mastered their calling and know exactly what they are called to do. While some might not understand, these ladies believe in doing it "BIG" and representing the kingdom big.

CDAfter releasing a Sound on the earth (read album review), the sisterly twosome has returned with Something Big. This album brings a fresh new vibe to gospel music, with their unmatched tones and blazing beats create even more legendary music. Warryn Campbell once again ably delivers with top notch production.

Getting the party started is the title track, the big band anthem (complete with an eloquently inserted Jackson 5 sample) that makes it hard for you to not to bob your head and stand up and clap. The song flows into "Something Bigger", a different vibe with in-your-face lyrics exclaiming there's "no limits" in serving God. Both songs compliment the funky, aggressive, yet kingdom passionate.

Listeners will appreciate how Mary Mary bring a fresh style of worship and freedom. "It is Well" reaches down to the depths of your soul. Erica Campbell's unmatched alto vocals brings fire and conviction, leading you to only imagine how powerful of a worship takes place when they bring it live.

Interview with Mary Mary

GOSPELflava.com took some time to speak with Mary Mary about Something Big. Check it out.

Link to Interview

Having trouble standing your ground? No worries, just turn to the piano-accented "Never Wave My Flag", with its message of not backing down no matter how hard it gets.

If you feel like you are doing too much running, try "Walking", the album's lead hip-hop influenced single. It's fitting for this time. The lyrical content reminds you that in your everyday life, Jesus walks with you, and to take it one day at a time.

In particular, "Sitting With Me" will speak to all of those who have felt left out, mishandled, or overlooked

. A key catch phrase in the song says, "I will sit on the sidelines, as long as he's sitting with me."

Other gems on this project include "Blind", "Survive", and the unplugged "Are You Ready".

This is a time where a lot of great music is being released. Something Big is one that will certainly not get lost in the shuffle, and not just because of the track record of the artist. The message is distinctive and clear. As you listen, you will no doubt be encouraged to look beyond your situation and see the greater that's to come.

Rise up and get ready for Something Big.

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Production: Warryn Campbell
album release date: March 29, 2011
Columbia Records/ MyBlock Records

— reviewed by Martin Williams

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