Maurette Brown-Clark
How I Feel

If you wanted to know "How I Feel" about the debut release of the same title, by Maurette Brown-Clark, you could probably tell by the head bobbing I do as I'm driving along taking a listen. Overall, a very nice project that deserves a look, it is sure to catch your interest somewhere amongst the diverse and well-done tracks on the album.

Vocally, Brown-Clark is certainly "there" and in an unusual fashion, Verity Records has permitted her, on her first-time out, to take the reigns on songwriting and production. I don't think she let them down.

"Breaking of Day", the first single released from the album, couples contemporary gospel framing with a traditional choral sound, to generate an uplifting tune that is a regular on my personal play-list. 

Songs with a heavier urban influence include "Dance", "No Rocks", and "Must Be Love", the last of which (kind of on the subtle-tip) addresses the present social issue of abstinence. 

Standing out both musically and vocally above the other tracks on this project is "Without You". An apparent personal testimony, Brown-Clark aptly moves her voiceMaurette Brown-Clark subtly around lyrics that proclaim "There is no doubt, I'd be lost without You." The approach that Brown-Clark takes vocally on her work is strong, unclouded and clear. You get the feeling she doesn't have the need to showcase the too-busy runs we hear all too often in some other places. (Although, she does throw a few in there on occasion, just to let you know she can!) 

Producer Steven Ford was brought in to put the finishing touches on the groundwork laid out by Brown-Clark. The result is a delightful project that has a little somethin' for everyone. Touching on the contemporary and the traditional; handling both the art and the technical - and doing all solidly - only leaves one to wonder what Brown-Clark cannot do. My guess is she can do whatever she feels! 

Producers: Steven Ford, Maurette Brown-Clark 
Verity Records

reviewed by Melanie Clark

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