Maurette Brown Clark

Maurette Brown Clark
The Dream

Maurette Brown Clark brings intensity and sincerity to everything she does. If you’ve ever met her, you know that. If you’ve ever heard her albums, you know that. The Dream is Brown Clark’s third solo project, and her intensity of praise is its hallmark.

With Alex Asaph Ward helming production, the industry’s finest making up the band, and a powerful backing vocal ensemble, the album’s thirteen songs (recorded live at The Empowerment Temple AME Church in Baltimore, MD) move from jazz inflection to traditional thump, to contemporary groove.

CD“Has He Done Anything For You?”, one of four cuts penned by Brown Clark, quickly finds its groove pocket, with its fast-paced lyrics and punchy bass line. The song is followed by the more laidback “I’ll Praise Him”, distinguished by Brown Clark’s jazzy vocal call and response with her vocal ensemble.

Anthony Brown writes “Sovereign God”, a soft ballad that she sings over Eddie Brown’s tender piano phrasing, to extol God’s ominipotence in every area of creation, including our own lives. Stellar-winning songwriter Jonathan Nelson contributes “My Heart Has Been Restored”, another balladic gem.

Other highlights on this disc are “Lord We Praise Your Name”, from Brown Clark’s mentor, Richard Smallwood (and featuring Maurette’s twin brother Maurice Brown), and “We Worship You”, an uptempo melodic-driven chorus from Donnie McClurkin’s pen. On “I Am What God Says I Am”, young Jada Simone Clark joins her mom in stating the promises of God.

Maurette Brown Clark delivers a keeper with The Dream. If you’re thirsting for authentic praise and superb vocals and musicianship, this one is for you.

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Production: Alex Asaph Ward
album release date: March, 2007
AIR Gospel

— reviewed by Stan North

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