Maurette Brown Clark
I Hear the Sound of Victory

Maurette Brown Clark is a beloved alto vocalist with a distinct sound and undeniable gift to pen praise and worship anthems. For this she has been called the "Princess Of Praise & Worship". When you hear tunes like "It Ain't Over", "I Just Want To Praise You", and "One God" you know that she is indeed gifted in the area of praise and worship inspired music.

The Sound Of Victory is Brown Clark's fourth recording effort following How I Feel, By His Grace, and The Dream. Produced by Asaph Alexander Ward, it's a twelve CD tracker that features a number of sounds written by Brown Clark herself. I Hear The Sound Of Victory offers nothing less than great songs and musical production.

The project opens with a re-do "The Breaking of Day", originally featured on Brown Clark's first project, How I Feel. It then transitions to her self-penned "I Live To Praise Him", an up-tempo track that will cause you to move. The title track has a great catchy chorus that reminds us to declare our victory and have faith in it.

There are many notable musical elements on the project, with lyrics simple enough to quickly catch on to, yet substantive in meaning. And there are plenty of songs that praise teams will be able to incorporate their repertoire. Brown Clark gives every song all she has with her distinctive rich tone and her gift of exaltation.

Other standout tracks include: "He Is Able", "Awesome God", Don't Be Discouraged", and "Even In The Rain". Brown Clark pens "He's Alive" and "Jesus I Love You" as well. The background vocals and musical elements create the perfect backdrop for her melodic, raspy tone and there are welcome elements of influence from her time with Richard Smallwood & Vision (she continues serve singing with Smallwood as a member of Vision).

The Sound of Victory is a project that you want in your library. It includes great praise & worship inspired and ballad tunes as well as what has become her album signature —a song with her children. Check out The Sound Of Victory today.

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Production: Alex Asaph Ward
album release date: Nov, 2011
AIR Gospel

— review by Nakiyah Hayling

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