Melinda Watts
People Get Ready

Without question, reality TV has changed the entertainment business. With the inception of national talent searches like American Idol, Sunday Best, and Gospel Dream, new artists gain the opportunity to quickly develop a strong national fan base and gain optimum exposure.

As the 2008 Gospel Dream winner, Melinda Watts enters the scene with great anticipation. She delivers big with her national debut album titled People Get Ready. Ten tracks strong, Watts offers a presentation that is reminiscent more of a seasoned veteran than an industry novice.

CD  Watts partners with several production heavyweights to bring this dream to life. 2009 Stellar Award winning producer Aaron Lindsey handles production on nearly a third of the album. The award winning tandem of Lindsey and Myron Butler (who were responsible for the production and arranging of Marvin Sapp's Thirsty album) reunite on the powerful track "Come Boldly", where Butler handles vocal arrangements with Candy & Chelsea West on background vocals. With Watts at the helm, that combination breeds nothing but success.

Skilled producer Bernie Herms lends his efforts to tracks like the title track and "There Will Come A Day", first made famous by Faith Hill.

The partnerships continue as the 2008 Gospel Dream judge J. Moss teams with Watts on The Tommies' standard "Available To You". The combination of Moss’ vocal acrobatics and Watts gentle and simplistic approach makes for an ideal vocal union.

21:03's Evin Martin and PAJAM's Paul "pda" Allen join Watts in penning the PAJAM-produced "Happy", an urban-pop gem that heralds the joy of simply being happy.

Watts shines as a prolific writer, co-writing half of the album. She teams with Freddy Washington, Jr. on three of these tracks, including the radio single "So Good". The reggae-infused urban jam celebrates God’s goodness throughout life. Watts’ vocal delivery cleverly packages her passion for life in a delicate manner that oozes purity of heart and spirit. In addition, her ability to really encourage the listener in every track is a trait rarely found in today's musical climate.

One of Watts’ many strengths is her ability to sing the ballad. As a psalmist, this comes as no surprise but her remarkable delivery and vocal placement with ballads is really something to behold. Songs like the popular "Faith That Conquers" are guaranteed to bring you to tears. Then throw in "Purpose Driven Life", penned by Smokie Norful and Myron Butler, and you are guaranteed to go through a healthy box of tissues.

Make no mistake, Melinda Watts is a definite player. Her national debut is one that must be watched. The album title says it best. People Get Ready.

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Production: Aaron Lindsey, Bernie Herms, PAJAM, Freddy Washington, Jr.
album release date: July 28, 2009
Razor & Tie Records

— review by Gerard Bonner

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