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Conrad Miller
My Journey

While the trend in today's gospel skews towards the contemporary or urban, the traditional presentation still exists and continues to produce new artists. Conrad Miller spent a significant amount of time in the R&B world in his formative years, penning the hit "Carla, My Love" for the soul group The Softones.

After a recommitment to Christ, Miller has released his debut gospel effort titled My Journey. The eleven-track album is a throwback to the sound and feel of gospel's yesteryear.

CD  To handle the task of encapsulating Miller's journey, he tapped world-renowned producer Steven Ford to put his hand on the entire effort, while also serving as arranger. Ford also lends his vocals as one of the albumís background vocalists, and handles work on keyboard and organ, while enlisting Jonathan Dubose's skill on guitar. Miller's experience rests in his songwriting ability. Penning the entire album, the Pennsylvania native shares songs of hope and encouragement designed to encourage the believer and convert the lost.

From start to finish, the album remains true to the classic R&B/gospel feel of years gone by that is rarely heard in todayís music. Relying on basic harmonies and simple musical arrangements, Miller places emphasis on his core message. His light, vibrato-laden voice shares the gospel in a smooth and non-abrasive manner, reminiscent of the old-soul vibe of the classic Motown years.

Miller uses his tenor voice to tell the story of Christ's redemptive love and transformation power on the tracks "Changed" and "Amazing". His spiritual commitment is both tangible and accessible on "Blessed By The Best" and "From Here To Eternity". On the transparent "Breathe On Me", Miller shares his heart, telling of the believer's challenge to please God while managing his humanity.

Fans of the golden era of Gospel music will enjoy Miller's presentation. In an era filled with auto-tune and other technological tricks, Miller takes the path of simplicity in his approach to the gospel. The end result on My Journey is an honest and authentic account of an artist's journey back to the love of Christ.

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Production: Steven Ford
album release date: May 2009
Millicon Music Group

— review by Gerard Bonner

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