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Mississippi Mass Choir
Then Sings My Soul

For decades the Mississippi Mass Choir has provided wonderful traditional gospel music that has been sung in churches across the nation. Everyone's favorite choir is back with a new project entitled Then Sings My Soul.

This two-disc project has 18 songs in total and is filled with a wonderful mix of different tempos and lead vocals. You'll definitely find bluesy chords, heavy baselines, and smooth transitions mixed throughout. Featured songwriters include Jules Bartholomew, Jerry Mannery, Rev. Milton Biggham, Al Willis, Luther Barnes, and of course, Benjamin Cone Jr.

CDThe Mississippi Mass Choir does not disappoint. The opening track, "Bless The Lord", comes from the pen of David Curry and features a powerful lead vocalist. The song reminds us that God is deserving of our praise, as does the choir's interpretation of the classic hymn "I Love To Praise Him".

There are also some great ballads, specifically a standout track entitled "Forgive and Forget" with Larry Johnson and a special appearance by Carnell Murrell. It's a beautiful song that reminds us to forgive, forget, and let go, so that we can move forward with God.

Other ballads to pay attention to are: "Amen", "We Remember", and "He'll Carry You".

Then there's the hand-clapping , foot-stomping songs that we've grown to love, such as "Don't Stop Praying", "When Praises Go Up", and "I Will Survive". Choir directors across the nation need to have this project in their collection because there are a bevy of great songs to consider.

If you're a lover of choir music and good old traditional gospel pick up Then Sings My Soul today! You are just sure to find something you will like.

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Production: Various
album release date: Feb, 2011
Malaco Records

— reviewed by Nakiyah Hayling

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