Moses Tyson Jr.
Music 2: Re-Mastered and Sacred Organ

Someone should have told Moses Tyson Jr. early on that he was meant to be a gospel organist. Music 2: Re-Mastered and Sacred Organ proves that.

It's hard to imagine that his first interest was the guitar; Tyson soon switched to the organ at age ten when he came to the realization that "the girls took a special liking to the organ player."

CD Some many years later, he has found himself with great music and even greater memories, and from that comes the basis of Music 2 (read the review of Tyson's Music from 2000, here).

There is a plethora of music here (some he terms sacred, although I wouldn't be to ready to call the rest 'secular').

You will find his signature calling card on "Near the Cross". There is a joyous tribute to Al Bell (whom Tyson got a chance to work with in the 90's at Bellmark Records) with a cover of The Staple Singers' "I'll Take You There". There is also a wonderful rendition of Luther Barnes' "The Other Shore" featuring his late brother Kenny Tyson, and a very bluesy interpretation of Dorothy Love Coates' "You Brought Me (From A Mighty Long Way)".

Tyson pulls on his roots in the sanctified church (where his Dad was the pastor) for a hand-clapping, foot-stomping version of "My Soul Says Yes" and its "organ shout" reprise.

But the gravy here is in the hymns. Moses Tyson opens the great hymnbook and presents the classics; "Down at the Cross", "Sweet Jesus" and a medley of "I Am Healed By the Wounds In His Side/He Touched Me". The sacred hymns of the church are presented as poignant and touching songs of faith and will touch the listener as Tyson plays with the anointing of a prophetic minstrel.

Music 2: Re-Mastered and Sacred Organ is music that both saints and sinners can both appreciate. One listen, and you too will be converted.

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Production: Moses Tyson
album release date: November, 2012
Tymo Records

— review by Gregory Gay

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