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Greater Mount Calvary Recording Choir
Live: As Told By the Music Ministry

It seems hard to believe, but the evolution of the gospel genre has seen fewer contributions from the choir sound. However, with efforts like Verizon's How Sweet the Sound choir competition, the Sunday Morning choral sound is returning to the marketplace.

With that, enter the Greater Mount Calvary Recording Choir out of Washington, DC. Led by Bishop Alfred and Co-Pastor Susie Owens, (who also serve as executive producers of the album), this choir takes the story of their weekly worship experience and records it for the world to hear with Live: As Told By The Music Ministry.

CD Grammy-award winning producer Steven Ford leads the charge, as this 17-track effort quickly resembles a spirited and charismatic Sunday morning worship experience.

Production supervisor and choir director Elder Cornelius Young makes several major contributions to this effort, including providing lead vocals for the acapella anthem and lead single "He Could Have Let Me Drown". This infectious track will be a favorite in churches nationwide with its easy melody and flawless delivery. The theme of excellent vocal and musical presentation is a common theme throughout every song.

Lovers of worship music will want to check out the powerful "We Worship Your Name" and "Daily I Shall Worship Thee". Andrea Dumas lends her lead vocals to "Christ Did It All", another sure-fire hit. This song is another great example of the strength of Greater Mount Calvary's choir. Simply put, this choir can SING!! Mix fantastic voices with sound vocal and dynamic placement and you have the makings of outstanding choir. Such is unquestionably the case with Greater Mount Calvary's Recording Choir.

This also rings true on the mid-tempo grooves and high-powered churchy offerings. The choir grooves with cuts such as "He's Worthy" and "Jesus Is Worthy".

And as you can imagine, the choir goes straight to church on "The Battle Belongs to God" and the famed "War Cry", made famous by the late Bishop Kenneth H. Moales.

From start to finish, the debut release from the Greater Mount Calvary Recording Choir is a definitive hit and a welcomed return to solid choir music.

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  • "He's Worthy" -- Click To Listen

  • "He Could Have Let Me Drown" -- Click To Listen

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Production: Steven Ford
album release date: January, 2011
Calvary Records

— review by Gerard Bonner

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