Mr. Coldstone
The Unseen

Originality is always appreciated in the world of artistry, and that includes Gospel music, of course.

The EP titled The Unseen heralds the entry of new Fadacy artist, Mr. Coldstone. Originality is all over this project; it's filled with ill beats, zany rhyme, serious ministry and features production from Do Watson, T Bizzy, Nelly B and Luke Witherspoon.

CD  The joy of being in unity in Christ while forsaking personal desires or gain is the topic of the slow head-nodder, "Get Gone". Doc Watson adds some eerie synthesizer to his beat to give this song some real personality. Mr. Coldstone, Cash Hollister and Applejaxx each bring their passion, asking God for deliverance from sin (personal, in the world and in the church). Kudos to Nelly B for his crazy beats (accented with Middle Eastern sounds and monk-like chants.)

We're creatures of habit and yes, even in the church. So when people bring something fresh to the table, it can sometimes throw us off. With "The Creamery", Mr. Coldstone brings a different feel to the scripture (from Psalm 34:8): "taste and see that the Lord is good". Give this song a few spins and just vibe to this T Bizzy-produced song.

The fun and energy continues on "Pump It Up" featuring Bobby Bishop and Applejaxx. Prepare to be schooled with "My Hood", as Mr. Coldstone tells of living in the' hood while living in the streets. Take a good listen.

The Unseen grabs those looking for something a bit different. But don't worry. It's not so different that Mr. Coldstone doesn't present Jesus! Take note!!

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Production: Various
album release date: August, 2010

— review by Dwayne Lacy

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