Mr. Del

Mr. Del signed a huge distribution deal with Universal Records for his Holy South label, which includes some promising artists such as the amazing Mali Music, the zany Gammage, and TK.

But how about Mr. Del himself? The emcee has been "on the grind" pretty hard, doing ministry, pastoring, and preparing for his new release, Thrilla.

CD  Though he is not known as a lyricist in the same vein as Tedashii, Theory Hazit, and, Lecrae, Mr. Del does provide the songs that will bang in your speakers. He also offers a look into his life while really stepping up his ministry-focused cuts.

Del brings some techno/urban heat on "Step Forward" and brings the hard core element to "Panic Room", featuring the Holy South fam. Impressive would be a word to describe "Donít Do It", a slowed-down gem with a sample from a 70's soul ballad.

He also addresses marriage issues and destructive lifestyles while offering Christ as the solution. "My Life Rated 'R'" is an autobiographical and candid about a rough upbringing full of abuse, drugs and death.

At first listen, "Checking My S.W.A.G." seems like another "ho hum" song about the most overused word in pop culture, but S.W.A.G. stands for Spirit, Word, Anointing, and God. The Holy South rappers each spit a few bars.

It wouldnít be right if Mr. Del didnít offer the snap-and-response songs that he is known for. IROCC brings the aggression on "Crunk Az Me" while Gammage brings his southern (and fun) drawl to compliment Mr. Delís flow.

"Rock It Out" is another slowed-down guitar-laced banger. Canton Jones comes in and does what Jones does well; he brings it.

The best song on the album is "Spread the Gospel", featuring Mali Music. This song has some crazy synth add-ins. Mali totally wrecks his verses as he and Mr. Del call on Christians to go out and witness! Just repeat this one over and over.

The growth in Mr. Del is evident. He has more songs focused on winning souls for Christ, while still delivering the songs just for the fun and nodding your head. The direction that Holy South is heading is up!

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Production: Mr. Del
album release date: June 30, 2009
Holy South Records

— review by Dwayne Lacy

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