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Myron Butler & Levi

Myron Butler and Levi are back with their third release, and first live recording, Revealed.

The project features some guest appearances by two of Butler's best friends, mentor Kirk Franklin and labelmate Smokie Norful. The band, headed by musical director Robert Searight, kills throughout the album. Credit to Omar Edwards, Shaun Martin, Mark Letteri and the crew.

Fans of go-go music will love and enjoy "Covered", and everyone will get a kick out of Butler doing a little rap. The groove is infectious, and Levi does their share of good singing.

CD Kirk Franklin does his thing on "Just Can't Live", a retro 70's Earth Wind & Fire influenced cut topped with an assortment of horns. Sisters Candy and Peaches West penned this joyous song of celebration, and even desperation, for God.

Lead single and title track "Revealed" is a pulsating jam that deserves continuous play for a while.

There are plenty of songs to inspire and encourage with such songs as the mid tempo, "I Choose to Believe" and the song of proclamation, "Speak".

Myron Butler and Levi are continually growing musically and they are not just doing it with one style of music. They proved that on the last album with "I Live" and "Here With Me". On Revealed, they blend a little rock (electric guitar with eerie synth rhythms) with the Levi sound to make the praise-filled "Holy God".

"I Am God" is a gorgeous ballad that is features jaw-dropping vocals by Levi, with Butler ably serving as worship leader. Bank on this song becoming a favorite at their concerts because it is just that good.

Smokie Norful brings passion to "Run To The Cross"... powerful! Please take note of the Gospel cover of Cyndi Lauper's popular classic, "Time After Time" featuring the lovely vocals of Debette Draper-Britton.

Myron Butler and Levi have a sound that is like no other. Revealed is their most complete album to date and that is saying a lot. Do not deprive yourself by overlooking this one.

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Production: Myron Butler
album release date: March 30, 2010
EMI Gospel

— reviewed by Dwayne Lacy

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