Bishop Nathaniel Bond
& The D.H.P. Mass Choir
Keep Your Mind on Jesus

Vocalist and songwriter Teddy Cross has worked with traditional groups such as Willie Neal Johnson and the Keynotes and The Racy Brothers. Switching gears now, he plants his pen and production power in choir territory on this artist debut from Blackberry Records, recorded live at the Deliverance Cathedral of Prayer in Jackson Mississippi in 1998.

CDBishop Nathaniel Bond and the D.H.P. Mass Choir roll out some great standards, including Cross’ fresh arrangements of “What A Friend” and “The Lord’s Prayer”. Both songs begin with acappella harmonies before the band breaks out into solid accompaniment.

Guitar maestro Jonathan DuBose writes the title track, a straight-up mid-tempo choir piece with all the vocal trimmings: sectional interplay, call and response, close harmonies. Bishop Bond’s lead solo and some searing guitar solidify the cut.

Songwriter Laura Wallace contributes three songs to the project, including a medidative “Dwell In Me” featuring the dual vocal pairing of Cross with Wallace. You can also put a star beside her song, “Yes He Did”, a cut that relies on a fast-paced traditional beat and brings in consecutive solo lines from Luberta, Nadine, Nicole and Acunda Bond.

Cross puts his pen to “In The Right Place Now”, which rolls on a carpet of sweet strings and guitar, with Gloria Echols singing confidently on lead and the choir delivering the comforting expression of our security in Jesus Christ. Bishop Bond offers up an album-closing prayer on the four-minute reprise of the song.

Producer: Teddy Cross
album release date: June, 2001
Blackberry Records

— reviewed by Stan North

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