Nicole C. Mullen
Talk About It

The singer and writer of the mega hit, "Redeemer" is back.

On her sophomore project Talk About It, Nicole C. Mullen continues to address hot issues while exploring musical styles.

She’s always dared to be different in her delivery, and that’s perfectly demonstrated Nicole C. Mullen CDright from this album’s intro, “All Aboard”. Starting off with the beautiful sounds of stringed instruments, the cut abruptly segues into a group of kids stepping as if they were AKAs or Deltas.

Let that be your warning. This is an album like no other, from a singer like no other.

Mullen is very popular on the contemporary circuit, and understandably so, with her knack for delivering pop gems. You get that here with songs such as “I Can/ Believe” with its horns and Chinese flute (Anointed’s Nee-C Walls-Allen helps out with backing vocals here and elsewhere), as well as the bouncing title track that encourages us to witness.

“Sometimes” —jointly written by both Mullen and her producer husband David Mullen —features Nicole’s abundant electric guitar skills, and takes you back into the those upbeat 80’s songs, à la Cyndi Lauper or Madonna, but with lyrics that are all about Jesus. Check out the chorus — "Same yesterday, and tomorrow won’t change all your excellent ways".

“Witness” is another upbeat jam with a little funk that prompts you to hit repeat. Even funkier is the midtempo “The Ring”. Definitely urban material and using programming melded to strings, the message is very clear:

“If you want to step to me. You better know one thing.
This love I got, you’ll never get without a wedding ring.”

On “Black Light”, Nicole pays homage and encourages those in the Civil Rights movement, from Rosa Parks to Medgar Evers to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and comes packaged with an appropriate musical vibe courtesy mandolin, National and acoustic guitars. No doubt, this girl has a heart for God’s people!

Nicole C. MullenFor those who love Nicole for her ballads and heartfelt lyrics, you will not be disappointed with such songs as: “Come Unto Me, the very orchestral “Heaven” and lead out single, “Call On Jesus”, which comes with choir support. Nicole delivers each in beautiful fashion.

As a side note, parents will quickly embrace the hidden track at the end of “Heaven”, where Nicole sings sweet bedtime lullabies to her children, Jasmine and Maxwell. The kids also say their prayers on this track.

So if you like to get your diversity on, and if you appreciate Nicole C. Mullen, then you will certainly love Talk About It.

Producers: David Mullen, Nicole C. Mullin, Justin Niebank
album release date: August 28, 2001
Word Entertainment

— reviewed by Dwayne Lacy

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