Elder Rodney Posey Presents The Ninth Street Baptist Workshop Choir
A Decade of Anointed Praise

With the various high profile Gospel workshops and seminars occurring across the country, it can easy to forget that there are much many more smaller, but equally enthusiastic such gatherings as well.

Evidence of the dedication and sincerity of these ventures is the fact that some of them go so far as to issue special recordings of their work.

Such is the case with The Ninth Street Baptist Workshop Choir, a Covington, Ninth Street Baptist Workshop Choir CDKentucky congregation who have taken it upon themselves to hold a Gospel workshop annually for the past ten years.

This workshop in particular is distinguished by the support of Crystal Rose recording artist, Rodney Posey, who is known for his expression of soulful praise. A Decade of Anointed Praise is the fruit of this workshop's toil, and a joyful celebration of their efforts since their beginnings

Presented by Posey (he wrote over half of the eleven songs and he also produced the project), this gem of a collection comprises over 70 minutes of spirited choir music. From the cover of Thomas Whitfield's "We Need A Word From the Lord" to the riveting choir anthem "What A Mighty God We Serve", this project serves an inspiration to aspiring workshop choirs and groups everywhere.

Posey's work on production is absolutely solid, and both choir vocals and leads are enthusiastically strong.

A couple of album highlights are Anita Chapman's richly toned lead on the rhythmically-grooved "Count Your Blessings", and "Oh, Let's Magnify The Lord", which is a rousing choir number cloaked in a marching 'parade band' style. Posey takes solo duties on three other cuts, each one worthy of acclaim.

Certain to be a regional favorite, this project deserves all the publicity it can get elsewhere as well.

(This CD may be hard to find; however you can order it directly from the church, by calling them at 606-441-5306)

Producer: Rodney Posey
album release date: Spring, 1999

reviewed by Stan North

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