Norman Hutchins

Ladies and gentleman, Dr. Norman Hutchins has returned! The four-time Stellar Award Nominee is back with his 10th release entitled Hosanna. It's his musical fortitude that this producer, writer and pastor celebrates on this 11-track project. The three-time Dove Award nominee works with award-winning producer Michael Bereal and Grammy winning songstress Regina Belle.

This high-octane release beautifully marries praise and worship styles with Sunday Morning grace. From the start, the project electrifies with title cut, a rousing beat track makes you want to stand to your feet and clap your hands from the get go. A true master of praise, Hutchins delivers! No wonder "Hosanna" entered the Top 30 Billboard Gospel Chart in less than 30 days.

CDThe "Battlefield" singer takes us further in genuine worship with "All I Need" and "I Love You Jesus." These earnest selections, also featuring Regina Belle, exemplify sweet surrender that will have your soul in heartfelt reverence.

"Already Done Enough" and "If You Don't Praise Him" hit the bulls-eye for the fans of traditional gospel; "Season of Miracle" has an 80's gospel choir flare.

One selection that should to gain airplay is the passionate "I Owe it All." This tissue-grabbing tune tugs at the spirit so fervently that the tears flow.

Hutchins will make many homes brighter this Christmas with "You Brought Us Peace." This song has a certain holiday sparkle (much like his other famous Christmas tune "Hosanna"), but with its own gleam.

Finally, you'll want to put on your camouflage and fatigues with the project-ending number "We're Declaring War." This mighty war cry tune will have you devil-fighting-ready for your next bout with the enemy.

Hosanna is an appropriate title of this CD. The word means "to help, save, rescue", and that is exactly what this winner from Dr. Norman Hutchins will do! The mixture of worship, praise, and traditional has selections which will minister to you in whatever situation you find yourself in.

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Production: Michael Bereal
album release date: September, 2013
IR Music Group

— review by John Burton Jr.

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