When Thugs Fly...The Psalms of Nuwine

Houston native Nuwine returns to the game with his 9th release in seven years titled, When Thugs Fly....The Psalms of Nuwine. Heralding the revival of his own record label, Wine-O Records, itís a significant chapter in the Nuwine saga, with a blend of styles and messages that will reach listeners in various areas of life.

Nuwine CDThe hard-edged rapper continues to bring his edgy, dirty south, in-your-face lyrical flow to the table. While known for his Mystikal-like screams throughout a track, Nuwine relies less on that aspect of his delivery here, in favor of a more reserved and at times more melancholy flow. Pehaps due to the subject matter of this project, he takes a reflective approach to his delivery, more reminiscent of Tupac than Mystikal.

Labelling his music as "real rap", Nuwine works very hard to establish his music as anything other than "Christian rap". His unique mixture of songs certainly reflects this claim, yet thereís never a doubt about where he stands in relation to Jesus Christ.

Cuts such as "Pretty Woman", "Na Na", and "Black Male" speak to life issues that young men encounter. Nuwine addresses a wide variety of issues which range from cheating spouses to life as an ex-con.

While many of the topics are heavy in nature, Nuwine does take an occasional break to perform several light-hearted tunes such as "Collard Greens & Beans". Fellow MC, South Park Mexican, joins Nuwine on this track as they reminisce about growing up eating chicken, collard greens, and refried beans. With a tone of thanksgiving, the song is guaranteed to make you smile.

However, the overwhelming tone of this album speaks to an intensity of pain that Nuwine has obviously experienced. Reflecting on the difficulties that he's faced, itís evident that putting the material on disc is somewhat therapeutic to the "real" rapper.

2000 Interview with Nuwine
Click for interview from 2000 Nuwine spoke with us in 2000 to describe his modus operandi. "I'd been in jail nearly fifteen times,"says the rapper. "I used to be a thug. I mean you name it, I did it. However, God held things for His glory."

Check out our interview from 2000 by clicking on the image above.
"He Want U To Die" is Nuwine's opportunity to vent and express his anger with the devil and society. He begins the song stating, "Sometimes don't it just make you sick, but you ain't supposed to let it affect you..." The remainder of the song is a monologue encouraging others to lean on Christ in periods of anger.

There are several other songs that address hurt and pain such as "When Thugs Fly", "Hurt People", and "God Loves Thugs".

Perhaps the most controversial portion of the album is found in a song titled "Take a Nap". Nuwine expresses yet more hurt and pain, and in the process uses hard language that might be difficult for some to hear. While unprecedented within the realm of Gospel, it is a feeling with which all who have experienced similar extreme pain can identify.

Nuwine cites this album as the best he's ever put out. While that point may be debatable, When Thugs Fly...The Psalms of Nuwine is undoubtedly revolutionary in its raw emotion and unparalleled honesty.

Though controversial in nature, this album is definitely going to reach all who are hurt and ultimately offers Christ as the solution.

Producer: Maurice Williams
album release date: April 2001
Wine-O Records

ó reviewed by Gerard Bonner ó

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