Out of Eden
This Is Your Life

Stepping away slightly from the comfort zone is, by definition, unsettling.

But there’s no trace of discomfort on This Is Your Life as Out of Eden (Andrea Kimmey Baca, Lisa Kimmey and Danielle Kimmey) detours from their Out of Eden CDfamiliar urban/pop sound to blow the door wide open with a full scale, no-holds-barred, celebration immersed in a complex and thoroughly urban soundscape.

Blaring, syncopated, and funky horns punch out the theme to the opening “Different Now”, drawing you immediately into this scorching celebration of newness of life and revealing an altogether fresh vibe for the sisters three. It’s a Lee Jerkins / David Hackley production (for Rock Soul Entertainment), and they bring in some of the most rambunctious and tasty programming / production tracks to be found in Gospel.

Out of Eden also recruits other urban hotshots to lend a production hand, including Donnie Scantz, Jamie Portee, The Clemons Brothers and A.J. Wolfe. As evident on their previous offering (see album review), Lisa Kimmey has knack for production herself, and Out of Edencontinues in that path on this project, joining with the varied production teams on each cut. She also writes or co-writes every song on the project.

The bevy of sizzling tracks continues with “Day Like Today”. Donnie Scantz (Toni Braxton, Chante Moore) and Jamie Portee tack on an ultra hyper-speed track to the song as Out of Eden sing of keeping their minds focused on all that is good, knowing that God will bring them through no matter what. Tobymac makes a guest DJ appearance mid-cut.

One of the most memorable tunes is titled “Rolling Stone”. Starting off with gentle splashes of guitar, Out of Eden suddenly begin to tell of their youth and in particular, of the struggle of living without their father. Over a joyously upbeat and danceable Todd Collins track, the song moves into high gear as Andrea, Lisa and Danielle Out of Edencontrast earth with heaven, and sing of the irreplaceable and reliable love that God the Father has for us.

Others songs touch on topics such as taking a Godly stand on self-definition as a woman (rejecting the worldly focus on fashion in the process). That’s plenty clear on the boldly-written “Showpiece”, made even bolder by its slamming hip hop drives.

On the more mellow tip, “Praise You”, “Meditate” and “I Am The One” are gorgeous works of balladry, accented by Out of Eden’s lush harmonies and spiced by strings and acoustic guitar from Michael Ripoll.

Always fresh and brilliantly arranged, This Is Your Life goes down as a rock-solid urban effort from Out of Eden. It's one of the jeep-jammiest Gospel projects you could ever dream of.

Producers: Various
album release date: January 29, 2002
Gotee Records

— reviewed by Stan North

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