Peace 586

From the portals of holy hip hop history re-emerges one of the genre's founding artists —Peace 586.

Dating as far back as the late 1980's with the release of Second Coming and returning from a five-year sabbatical from his solo album Risen Son, Peace 586 continues his trailblazing saga of donating unique eclectic stylistics to the hip hop world on his latest, a self-entitled release.

Peace 586 CDThis one is destined to be classic in rap lovers' archives for years to come.

With giants such as Sup The Chemist, BTwice and JurnyBig (of LPG) at the helm, Peace 586 exerts a marvelous effort to certify that he's still in the business of causing a stir.

Peace 586 is an audible journey down memory lane, the artist making frequent trips to his original trademark sound. With cuts like, "The Difference", "Tru N' Deed", and "Boom Zoom", Peace rocks the mic with finesse and ease beckoning listeners to partake in each track filled with electrifying performances demanding a place amidst timeless collection.

Displaying his versatility in the introduction piece affectionately titled "586", he gives props to veterans and newcomers alike such as Sup, The Cross Movement, GRITS , 4th Ave. Jones', Remnant Militia, L.A. Symphony, Mars Ill, New Breed, and many more, all of whom contribute to the infrastructure of gospel rap.

Peace also chronicles his career in a timeline from the rise of Freedom of Soul in the late 80's, early 90's, to his current status of "keeping it real".

"The Difference" paints a picture of one silencing all naysayers and negativity by simply following the voice of God . With a contagious, repetitive, head-bobbing beat, Peace 586 defines the source of his longevity.

"Tru N' Deed" is another selection that blows up and sets the tone of the album with clever rhymes like:

I'm just striking up conversation
White, black, Puerto Rican, or Asian
Not trying to be a bad boy like Sean John
Just trying to give glorification
Praise on
If you hear it then fear it
Mix it in tight with the One who engineered it
Standing ovation
Not me but for Jesus who rose on
Day three
Read it in the book of John

—from "Tru N' Deed"

Peace collaborates with Sup The Chemist on a commemorative song entitled "You Here" which is dedicated to holy hip hop pioneer, the late Gene Eugene. Both artists spill massive thanks and gratitude for Gene's deposits in their lives as well as for his gift to the corporate hip hop body.

The entire album exudes a vibe not readily found on many hip hop albums, a rare gem in production, lyrics, congruency, and timing. Peace 586 manages to sew together an abstract sound with the needle of precise melody and lyrical fabrics. Evidence of a true hip hop tailor is threaded throughout the outfit with seamless, vibrant, colored patterns that will beautify any sound system.

Producers: Peace 586 and BTwice
album release date: Summer, 2001
Uprok Records

review by Brenda M. Ingram II

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