Phillip Carter & SOV
Songs From The Storm

There are great ministers and artists that call the state of Maryland home. Byron Cage, Pastor Jamal Bryant, and Ernest Pugh come to mind. Add Phillip Carter to the list.

Carter aims to encourage people to keep on fighting on his debut release, Songs from the Storm, a project filled with a wide array of melodic breaks and jams.

CD  "Eternal Life" is a hand-clapping/foot-stomping song that recalls good old fashioned "church". It is one of those numbers that goes on for a while, and deservedly so.

SOV shines on the traditional "Put Your Trust" while the lead singer ad libs, doing her share of squalls.

"Great Day" is nicely sung by both Carter and choir. The lyrics take their cue from Psalms 118:24. The jubilation continues with "Rejoice" featuring a jam session by the musicians.

The organ and piano introduction alone, for "Ride Out Your Storm" is enough to put the song on repeat. Keep listening, and it brings you right back to the beautiful compositions heard on Gospel radio so frequently during the 80s and early 90s. It features a trio of singers whose sound is reminiscent of the Hawkins Family.

Songs are worship and adoration take prominence on the project. Strings and lovely singing by the background vocalists accent the ballad, He's God..." On "Weve Come to Worship", the call and response has a bit of a African feel to it. It's definitely one of the best songs on the album.

Songs from the Storm deserves a listen and reassures those wondering if the glorious days of choir songs were gone. Not from this artist!

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Production: Phillip Carter
album release date: July 28, 2009

— review by Dwayne Lacy

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