Lonely Superstar

In the time where rap music is saturating the airwaves via TV and radio with a message of sex and violence, there are some rappers out there that want to bring hip hop back to its roots.

They want to bring rap to the times when it was about having fun, complex lyrics, b-boying, and break beats.

 CD That’s where Playdough comes in.

On Lonely Superstar, Playdough brings the hip hop at its purest form with nice beats, real instrumentation, and thoughtful lyrics. He serves as the album’s main producer while singing some of the hooks and even playing the guitar on some tracks.

On songs like the acoustic “A Clappy Valentine”, Playdough strums the guitar and raps over a nice old school beat about why he’s doing what he’s doing. Assuring his wife of his return home after so much time on the road, he commits to rocking the mic until Jesus returns.

Two standout tracks are the lead single, “Seeds of Abraham” and “5 Cent Needleheads”. With catchy chorus and dope beats, Playdough explains the blessings of God’s people on the former and confesses that he doesn’t rap for the money on the latter.

He is joined by Jurny Big (of LPG and Tunnel Rats) on “A Freedom Fighters” and by LMNO on “A Shadow Dance”. Here he has heads bobbing with horn samples and a mid-temp beat. LMNO and Playdough explain that repping for Christ, not compromising and still keeping the crowd hype are simultaneously possible.

 CD On the laid back, guitar-laced title track (“A Lonely Superstar”), Playdough expresses the loneliness that comes with being a Christian MC —because it is the road less traveled.

"Verbal Tea" is another laidback track with a tight boom bip, dope bass line, and guitar sample about the awesomeness of having communion with the Holy Trinity.

Playdough's skills as a lyricist shine on the clever “A Mr. Mike R. Phone”. Written from the perspective of a microphone, he interprets its joys and frustrations with its many different users.

If you are a fan of Ill Harmonics, Playdough, and real hip hop, then Lonely Superstar is the album that you must get. Playdough keeps it real, spiritually and lyrically on this CD. He remains true to his Ill Harmonics partner, BK, but one hopes that this isn’t the lonely superstar’s last solo joint!

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Producers: Various
album release date: December, 2003
Uprok Records

— review by Dwayne Lacy

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