A Common Man’s Opus

Sometimes in life, change is good. For 1Way’s Proverb change was both important and necessary.

The change from crew member to solo emcee allows him to fully display his musical ideas and thoughts – something that can not always be shown in a group. And undoubtedly, change was necessary for listeners to hear Proverb’s testimony as a man of God in ministry and the entertainment industry.

CD In Proverb’s solo debut, A Common Man’s Opus, change is definitely a good thing.

The album starts off with heat in the East Coast flava’d “The Genesis” where Proverb takes accountability for being a minister of music by showing those who are lost the light of Christ. Proverb sets the pace for the album by saying “Now that I got you open, we can proceed with rest of a common man’s opus”.

“Down” is a Neptunes-styled club rocker that was produced by Devin Pierce. Proverb raps about how he is down with the kingdom of God. This song aims to get the saints of God to proclaim and chant that they are D-O-W-N (with Jesus Christ).

The remix of “Audio Adrenaline” featuring L.E.X. and the scratching skills DJ Morphiziz is hot. Proverb and L.E.X. do a masterful job tag-teaming on the track exalting God to the fullest.

“The Fishbowl” features a Latin-heavy beat where Proverb tells how his life is on exhibit for the public because he is in the limelight. The song stays true to Proverb’s ministerial focus because he declares that he will forever be on the grind as a rep for God and submits that people check for the fruit of the Spirit before passing judgement.

The hardest and most thought-provoking song on the project is “Get at It”, which gets production from Elemental. Proverb persuasively raps about how dreams never happen with procrastination and lack of perseverance. Proverb shares why he is rapping for God and how “Christ can make it happen” when you apply action with faith.

A Common Man’s Opus is a very good Holy Hip Hop album that can easily grow on you even if you do not prefer the East Coast sound. Proverb does a great of job holding down the fort as a solo artist and producer.

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Production: Proverb, Devin Pierce, Elemental, L.E.X.
album release date: May, 2007

— reviewed by Michael Poole

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