The Rance Allen Group
The Live Experience II

One again the legendary Rance Allen Group has created a fresh and noteworthy project. Entitled The Live Experience II, it's replete with with funky sounds and infused with the powerful message of Jesus Christ. Listeners are in for a treat.

The Live Experience II is the second live recording effort of the Rance Allen Group in the last 6 years and it commemorates the group's 40th Anniversary in music CDministry, and comprises some of the best of their body of work over the past 40 years. The Rance Allen Group is known for bridging the gap between the R&B and gospel genres to create a unique sound.

The Live Experience II is chock full of ballads, mid-tempo, and up-tempo numbers. Songs such as "Livin' For Jesus" (featuring Shirley Caesar), "It's Your Time" (featuring Vanessa Bell Armstrong), "Love Train", and "Feel Like Going On" provide those legendary bluesy chords and rhythmic drives that will have heads bobbing and fingers snapping.

Then there are songs such as: "You That I Trust", "He Delivered Me" , "Angel", and "Holy One" that will cause you to sit back and reflect about the goodness of God. The project features a wonderful song entitled "United We Stand" (featuring Pastor Shirley Caesar, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Paul Porter and longtime collaborator Chris Byrd), reminding us that unity is the key on this journey called life. The song is powerful and is one of many great songs on the project.

The Live Experience II is an excellent choice for easy listening, a road trip, or just to get you going. It provides the classic sound that the Rance Allen Group is known for, but also has the potential to capture those looking for a nice mixture of traditional gospel and a little more of a contemporary bluesy sound. Call it a wonderful representation of the legacy of the Rance Allen Group as they celebrate 40 years in music ministry and keep on going.

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Production: Rance Allen
album release date: Feb, 2011
Tyscot Records

— reviewed by Nakiyah Hayling

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